Kindle Select Publishing (and why as an author you shouldn’t use it)

The post is self explanatory. I should have rad the fine print–well, I did… Sorta. Let’s start where it all began. I had my ebook, My Friend the Boogeyman, all setup for sale on Amazon, Nook,, and was in the process of publishing for iBooks. It were there ready to buy. Then I saw a promotion on Amazon for Kindle Select Publishing and decided to try it out. The book had been out about a week prior and hadn’t been selling a ton of copies so when I learned that amazon would have a 90 day exclusive I thought, what could it hurt? Well it’s been there almost a month now and people are asking me, “when can I get it on the nook?” I figured I could cancel my 90 day window–which doesn’t end until March, 7–but, no. I can do no such thing–outside of canceling my amazon account and creating another. I thought about it momentarily but decided, no. Something like that would come back to haunt me and I might not be able to sell any further books on amazon. Guess I’ll have to suck it up.


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